Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration services are provided through BluSky. When fire strikes a room or consumes a building, the damage caused by heat, flames, water, and smoke can be devastating.

At BluSky, we have expertise in fire damage and smoke damage. As soon as we’re allowed to enter a building, we secure it through shoring, board-up, and tarping to prevent further damage. After the demolition process, contents restoration, cleanup, and water removal services are performed.

Because we’re general contractors with experience on all sizes and types of construction projects, we can provide fire restoration services for single family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial properties, including:
  • structural damage assessment
  • emergency board-up and tarping
  • structural bracing and shoring
  • removal of soot deposits and smoke
  • cleaning of all surfaces (masonry, concrete, brick, block, drywall, wood, paint, metal, carpet, tile, glass)
  • water and chemicals removal
  • demolition and debris removal
  • reconstruction
  • contents restoration

As part of our contents restoration process, we can eliminate the worst smoke odors, and we offer a lifetime guarantee. Rather than mask the odor, we remove the source of it using a combination of cleaning solutions, odor counteractants, ozone, hot thermal fog, and unsmoke products.

For more information on BluSky’s smoke and fire damage restoration services, please call (303) 789-4258, or e-mail