Newest version of First Aid Disaster Response Plan software now available

BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC is pleased to announce a major update to our First Aid Disaster Response Plan software.

First Aid Disaster Response Plan Mobile AppWe work regularly with property  and facilities management clients who manage thousands of assets across the United States, and they’ve told us they’re worried about not being adequately prepared in the event of a disaster. Or worse, leaving an outdated binder unused and collecting dust on a shelf.

BluSky developed First Aid 2.0 to address those concerns. This new software release is a robust, intuitive application that gives property managers the ability to plan ahead by creating and storing disaster plan protocols directly in the software. First Aid makes those plans easily accessible from any PC, smartphone, or tablet. That eliminates the need for those clunky binders that don’t get opened.

First Aid Disaster Response Plan software screen shot 1


In addition to ensuring our clients are prepared for any type of emergency, First Aid 2.0 allows them to load floor plans, property maps, and technical schematics related to properties. Once loaded, clients have the ability to annotate the drawings to assist maintenance and engineering professionals and BluSky Restoration staff in working efficiently to resolve any issues that arise.

First Aid Disaster Response Plan software screen shot 2


This enhanced disaster response plan software is just one component of BluSky’s comprehensive First Aid Disaster Response Plan.  As the old saying goes, “the best time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining.” The same goes for disaster preparedness, and First Aid 2.0 helps that process go smoothly. By planning ahead, our clients can reduce financial losses, provide a safer living and working environment, and ensure their assets can return to operating at full capacity and occupancy as quickly as possible.

Want to know more? Contact BluSky today at 888.882.5875 to learn how the First Aid Disaster Response Plan can have you prepared before disaster strikes.