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Regardless of the scope of your disaster restoration, renovation, environmental, or roofing project, your need, or your industry, BluSky has the experience, resources and passion to get you out of a bad situation and back in business. Whether you need help with water mitigationfire and smoke damageasbestos removalbiohazard cleanupenvironmental cleanup, or mold remediation, we work whenever you need us, wherever you need us across the U.S. Just ask our customers. 96 percent say they would hire us again, which tells us we’re doing a pretty good job of achieving our goal to raise the bar for disaster restoration services.

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While we work with residential customers, we specialize in large losses involving three primary types of customers:

Insurance Providers

If you have a large-loss project, BluSky is the only company you need. Trust us to coordinate the work of building consultants, environmental consultants, architects, forensic engineers, building officials, salvors, cause and origin experts, and even subrogation attorneys so you don’t have to.

We understand the value of business interruption, loss ratios, and your clients’ priorities. With our broad range of capabilities and experience, we bring a unique perspective to projects that other restoration companies don’t have.

We are proud to be an approved vendor for Sedgwick's direct repair network.

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Risk Managers

We help your business get the doors back open faster. We understand that when a commercial building receives damage as a result of fire, water, or other natural or manmade disasters, business and income can be disrupted and the consequences can be severe.

At BluSky, we not only offer 24-hour emergency response to disasters, but we also have general contracting/renovation and roofing divisions that can restore your business and operations quickly, completing projects under tight deadlines.

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Property Manager & Building

We take care of you AND your residents. When commercial properties receive damage, our role of restoration expert also includes that of coordinator as we work with everyone involved, including owners, tenants, residents, managers, HOAs, and insurance brokers and adjusters to get business owners and residents back in their businesses and homes with as little disruption to their lives as possible.

We have extensive experience in property damage restoration with all types of commercial properties, such as:

  • Multifamily
  • HOA communities
  • High-rises
  • Condominium communities & buildings
  • Apartment communities & buildings
  • Universities & schools
  • Hotels
  • Duplexes & triplexes
  • Senior living communities & buildings
  • Commercial properties
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We Understand What’s At Stake. We’ll Fix Your Broken Building.