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At BluSky, we make safety a high priority. Because we are in the business of contracting and restoration, we know how to return property to its original – and better – condition. But it’s the human element that we truly must value and protect.

We are proud to maintain safe jobsites and offices, but we do it to keep our customers, employees, subcontractors, and visitors as safe as possible. We are fully compliant with OSHA guidelines for safety in the workplace and hold monthly safety meetings with our employees and subcontractors. In fact, we offer training programs in addition to what is required, and we meet regularly with an independent liability broker to help us manage our safety risks as well. We maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date safety handbook, and ensure our managers are kept up to speed on new safety regulations and recommendations. We are proud to maintain a consistently low EMR rating, raising the bar for other companies in our industry.

For more information on the safety protocol at BluSky, please contact Mike Erekson, our National Vice President of Operations.


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