Welcome to the BluSky Nation!

We’re excited to have you on our team as, together, we build the premier restoration service company in the U.S. This page is your centralized source for all details on what to expect in the first 120 days of our new journey together.


What to Expect

As we bring our companies together, this is a general timeline of what we plan to accomplish.

First 60 Days

  • Introductory information provided at announcement day
  • BluSky on-site onboarding session
  • Transition to BluSky payroll and benefits [unless unique details delay this] including training sessions and one on one meetings
  • Branding transition initiated – including clothing, vehicles, business cards and facilities
  • Transition to @www.goblusky.com email addresses
  • Attend monthly all employee meetings/video presentation

60-90 Days

  • On-site integration training on BluSky systems, processes and procedures
  • Transition to BluSky systems, including ERP & CRM
  • Transition to BluSky commission plans in conjunction with the system transition
  • Receive replacement charge cards, fuel cards, etc.
  • Team will have met, or been introduced to, key support employees throughout the greater organization

90+ Days

  • IT systems, servers and other back-end items.
  • Call-answering methodology aligned with BluSky
  • Completion of integration process into “regular course of business”

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Your Integration Team

We’d like to introduce you to some of the key integration contacts who will guide you through these processes.

Jim Rable

Jim Rable

United Services

Jim Rable, BluSky’s senior vice president of corporate development, leads the team that will integrate our two companies. Jim joined BluSky in 2019 as president of United Services and has been integral in the subsequent transactional growth of the company. He was instrumental in developing and building the formal corporate development team, and in turn improving the support and guidance for you, our new peers. Jim is well-known, and well-respected, in the industry and is involved heavily through to the date of merger.

Warner Cruz

Warner Cruz

J.C. Restoration

Warner Cruz became a proud member of the BluSky family in December 2021 and is currently senior vice president of corporate development and a member of the executive leadership team. His passion is working with restoration owners interested in merging their organizations with BluSky and cultivating an atmosphere of valuable benefits, increased opportunities, winning spirit and culture.

Dave MollDavid Moll, executive vice president, named in May 2020 following the merger between BluSky and HARBRO Emergency and Restoration.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in construction management from Colorado State University, which is one of the top schools for construction management in the U.S. He worked as a carpenter while attending college, and prior to entering the restoration industry, he worked nationwide specializing in the commercial construction of hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes.  He holds contractor’s licenses in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) license #1072 for asbestos and mold work.

Cory Frye BluSky Vice PresidentCory Frye is BluSky’s newest vice president of corporate development, and focuses on identifying and engaging with future BluSky partners as well as leading due diligence efforts. Cory joined BluSky in 2022, but he’s been actively involved in mergers and acquisitions for over 10 years. Cory really enjoys working closely with business owners and prides himself on being honest, straightforward and helpful throughout the process.

Ryan Knickle BluSky VP of Corporate Development

Ryan Knickle, BluSky’s vice president of corporate development, leads the integration stage efforts – the stage you are likely in right now. During this period we will align you with our systems, policies and procedures under the goal of “One BluSky.” Ryan joined BluSky in 2017 as part of the Disaster One merger, BluSky’s first, initially as VP of finance. Ryan has been involved in all mergers since then and formally transitioned to VP of corporate development in 2021. Ryan is passionate about working with our new teams throughout the M&A process to ensure the experience is as transparent, positive and supported as possible.

Kadie Shaffer is BluSky’s corporate development associate and will lead our integration team meetings and support new team members in their transition to BluSky. Kadie joined BluSky in 2009 as a contents restoration technician and has progressed through every aspect of the business to her current role, where she utilizes her passion for business strategy and growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this merger affect my role in the company?

The first point is very important. Our two primary goals for this merger are don’t lose employees and don’t lose customers. BluSky sees employees as the most important part of your business, and retaining a great team is a number one priority for all of us. As a part of the two organizations coming together, some job titles and compensation plans may change.

Who pays me and what happens to my compensation?

With this transition, payroll will start to run through BluSky. In the short term your compensation will remain the same, and will transition with your role at a set date. Your new compensation program will be communicated to you directly by your supervisor. In general, we expect that compensation will stay the same or improve for most employees. Please see your team’s linked timeline for specific dates for payroll, position, compensation, paid time off, and benefits transition dates.

Do my years of service carry over?

Years of service will be honored for Paid Time Off. As we blend our companies and company policies, years of service may apply differently to different policies.

How will the change be communicated to outsiders (customers, referral partners, vendors, subcontractors, etc.)?

A press release announcing the merger will be distributed the week of announcement, followed by postings on social media over the next few weeks. The most significant and sensitive customers/partners/vendors will be contacted by their primary contacts from your company. An email announcement will also follow. Please wait to change any personal social media titles until we can fully transition to BluSky positions and titles.

Is there anything I need to consider when going about my daily tasks?

No, not right away. Please continue to operate in your role as you have been. As we proceed with the integration, we will be utilizing new contracts and subcontractor agreements. Your team leader will distribute and communicate when to begin using these revised contracts. Additionally, continue to use your current credit cards, fuel cards, vendor cards, business cards, etc., until you receive replacements. If anyone has any questions on these areas, please reach out to [email protected].

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please don’t hesitate to send any further questions to [email protected].

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