Hospital Disaster Recovery Specialists

Disasters often happen when you least expect them. To adequately respond, you need a team of trained professionals standing by, ready to help. BluSky is equipped with the supplies and trained emergency personnel to help you recover fast.
We offer the following restoration services at BluSky for our hospital and medical facility clientele:

  • Priority Response Services: Stay one step ahead of any disaster! In the event of one, our Master Service Agreement provides immediate assistance and priority response. Our certified industry professionals are on standby and ready to serve you.
  • Disinfection and Outbreak Services: BluSky’s biohazard teams are on the front lines whenever there’s an outbreak. Our specialists are trained and adequately equipped in environmental containment procedures and disinfection techniques to help minimize the risk of illness or infections, prevent cross-contamination, and lower downtime in operations. We use EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitize and protect against the spread of viruses properly.
  • Total Reconstruction: Our experienced and certified project directors, project managers, and field superintendents are knowledgeable experts within the healthcare environment. We can gather a crew of industry experts to assist with large and small healthcare facility projects at any given moment.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response: When emergencies happen, every second counts. BluSky has the right personnel and equipment needed to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Environmental Remediation

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Cleaning and Restoration for Medical Facilities and Hospitals

No matter what type of disaster you’re up against, patient welfare must remain a top priority. Hospitals and other medical facilities nationwide have relied on BluSky to handle everything from loss mitigation to disinfection and reconstruction. Our trained personnel will respond promptly and determine the most appropriate course of action.

We have a crew of restoration specialists with experience working on commercial, industrial, governmental, residential, and multifamily properties. You can trust us to handle and coordinate the work of building and environmental consultants, forensic engineers, architects, building officials, salvors, and more so that you can focus on what you do best. Ninety-six percent of our clients would hire us again; we are confident you would too!

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We Understand What’s At Stake. We’ll Fix Your Broken Building.