Asbestos Abatement: Safely Removing a Silent Killer

Found in a vast array of products and construction materials manufactured through 1978, Asbestos has been shown to be a serious health hazard. Sadly, asbestos exposure often occurs during restoration, remodeling or repair. It’s crucial that asbestos be controlled, contained and eliminated through proper methods performed by a qualified, licensed, asbestos abatement contractor like BluSky.

All structures that potentially have building materials that contain asbestos must be tested before demolition or renovation and after a disaster regardless of their year of construction. Time is of the essence when asbestos is concerned. We can provide the asbestos abatement services when tests come back positive to ensure the material is taken care of safely according to standards set by EPA, OSHA, and state health departments.

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BluSky Asbestos Abatement Methods:

  • Constructing, altering, repairing, maintaining, or renovating asbestos-containing structures or substrates
  • Removing or encapsulating asbestos-containing material (ACM)
  • Transporting, containing, storing, disposing, and housekeeping asbestos or asbestos-containing products within a construction site

All BluSky workers who perform environmental cleanup are properly trained to ensure that asbestos fibers will not disperse throughout the work zone during removal. There are very specific techniques that must be implemented for safe removal. Worker’s compensation insurance covers uur workers to provide assurance that no liability is passed on to the property owner.

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