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We pledge to create an exceptional BluSky customer experience through our actions, teamwork, and genuine caring for the customers' personal needs. An exceptional customer experience results in a successful project. BluSky ensures it delivers successful projects by providing our customers with quality workmanship, safe job sites, and operational excellence. We want every customer to have full confidence in BluSky. Quality is our culture.

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BluSky Quality Assurance Program

In the vast majority of our projects, BluSky is the general contractor—commonly referred to as the “captain of the ship”— in control and responsible for the management of the overall project. BluSky utilizes qualified trade partners who undergo a thorough screening process. Common trade partners include framers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and both semi-skilled and general labor. Our trade partners are regularly evaluated before, during, and at the completion of projects.

Before a trade partner is approved to work on a BluSky project, they must submit to a rigorous application process, including ongoing reference and safety checks, verification of all insurance and licensing requirements, as well as mandatory compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations.

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Key Elements Include

  • A pre-qualification and certification process
  • Random audits to ensure workforces are being paid fairly, accurately, and on-time
  • Unannounced job site checks
  • Annual Quality Assurance certification by BluSky of trade partners and staffing providers
  • Ongoing review by BluSky Risk Management to ensure OSHA, EPA, and all other regulatory checks are performed with independent verification of trade partner references
  • Suitability evaluation of trade partners to work on certain projects based on experience
  • Review of daily accountability reports on job sites, including timecards, & communication expectations
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Projects Around The Country

At any given time, BluSky is actively working on thousands of projects around the country, completing tens of thousands of jobs annually in 40+ states annually. Year after year, approximately 96% of our customers say that they would recommend using us again for their next repair.

We’ve achieved this degree of success over the long history of our company by focusing on four key components from our Quality Assurance Program: Highly Qualified Trade Partners, Operational Excellence, Safety, and Customer Service.

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