Brian Davis

Executive Vice President - East

Brian joined BluSky in 2023 and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to BluSky, having spent over 25 years in executive roles within the restoration and service industries. His background in operational management, sales growth, financial forecasting, and company acquisitions equips him with the strategic insight needed to drive BluSky’s success. Brian’s dedication to customer relationship development, financial acumen, and contract negotiation will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s growth and profitability.

His experience in managing diverse teams with varied backgrounds demonstrates his strong leadership skills and ability to foster inclusivity and collaboration within the workplace. His proficiency in market development and safety performance underscores his commitment to excellence and operational efficiency.

Brian’s deep understanding of the restoration industry – and understanding commercial property damage – positions him as a valuable asset to BluSky. His knowledge and expertise will be instrumental in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the dynamic restoration market. Overall, Brian’s joining BluSky represents a significant addition to the company’s leadership team.

Brian resides in Denver with his family.

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CTA background

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