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exterior view of residential home
exterior view of apartment building under construction


$118,000 Flood Damage – Restored In 60 Days
When a pipe burst and flooded the main level and finished basement of this home, BluSky was called in to remove the water and restore the floors, walls, cabinets, and HVAC. We completed the repairs in 60 days,
exterior view of yellow apartment building
exterior view of damage on apartment building


$220,000 House Fire – Restored In 82 Days
An exterior fire spread to the interior of this home leaving extensive fire and water damage throughout. BluSky’s knowledgeable and experienced team was called in to return the structure to its pre‐loss condition. We quickly went to work and completed the job ahead of schedule.
7 eleven exterior view
firefighters putting fire out at 7 eleven

7 eleven

After an intense fire ripped into this retail center destroying more than 50% of the structures, BluSky was chosen by the owners for the reconstruction project. The property owner wanted a top-rated company that had the knowledge and ability to complete the project in its entirety in a timely manner. The BluSky team retained a structural engineer and together created a complete reconstruction plan. BluSky worked with city planners to complete the project in a timely fashion even with the ADA and seismic upgrades and retrofits. The owners were thrilled with BluSky’s efficiency, professionalism and ability to overcome obstacles. When disaster strikes, call the leader in emergency service: BluSky!
exterior view of hilton hotel
hilton exterior view of building after destroyed


A natural gas explosion caused the tremendous damage to this hotel! Fortunately, the hotel was in the process of being constructed and was not yet open for business. The general contractor responsible for the construction of the hotel chose BluSky to perform the emergency drying from the water used after the explosion. Immediately BluSky was on-site with personnel and equipment to stabilize the building and establish 24-hour site security. The blast damage to the building challenged traditional drying techniques due to the humidity and waterfront location. BluSky used state of the art dry down equipment and strategies to limit water damage and also managed to save the escalators and elevator shafts. In total six floors had to be dried down to prevent mold growth and to allow the reconstruction to begin. When disaster strikes, call the leader in emergency service: BluSky!

Residential Jobs

exterior view of apartment building
exterior view of blusky team repairing apartment building


Residence Under Construction
When vandals decided to re-paint the hardwood floors, start a small fire, test the strength of the glass in the windows, and see if they could stop up all of the drains with the water running, they managed to cause some serious damage to a large three-story home under construction. When the builder came in the next morning, he immediately knew he had to get the BluSky team to come in and handle this unexpected disaster.
exterior view of apartment complex
apartment building before renovations


Restored From The Slab Up
A major fire struck this 18,000 sq. ft. apartment building causing nearly $2 million in damage. BluSky handled demolition, then worked hand in hand with architects to redesign the building and bring it up to current code. The building was then rebuilt from the slab up.
exterior view of apartment building after fire
exterior view of apartment building with fire damage

Apt fire

After this devastating apartment building fire occurred, BluSky responded immediately. Within 30 minutes, the BluSky emergency team began arriving onsite. Three units of the 20 in the building were uninhabitable due to the fire. But surrounding units had smoke and water damage. Our emergency team worked quickly to start drying and cleaning the partially damaged units as well as provide temporary roof repairs where the fire department opened up the roof to fight the fire. Additionally, the BluSky team isolated the damaged gas and electrical lines then worked with the city to restore gas and electricity to the units with minor damage to maintain occupancy for these units. Throughout the entire restoration and reconstruction process only three units needed to be vacated! When disaster strikes, call the leader in emergency service: BluSky!
apartment building before fire
apartment after fire


When an unattended stove in this apartment complex caught fire, BluSky responded immediately! The apartment complex management company called BluSky and responded within 30 minutes. Though there was only one unit that was damaged by the fire, four adjacent units suffered extensive water and smoke damage. The BluSky team provided rapid emergency water extraction and drying, board up, clean up, and security fencing which minimized the potential for secondary damage and also ensuring security and safety for the area. BluSky worked with the insurance adjuster, management-company and the city to develop and implement a reconstruction plan. As was the case here, BluSky has successfully completed thousands of similar projects involving framing, roofing, doors, windows, interior and exterior finishes and most importantly the mitigation and prevention of smoke odor! When disaster strikes, call the leader in emergency service: BluSky!
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