BluSky Addresses Coronavirus

We want to address questions we’ve received concerning coronavirus, which causes the disease we now know as COVID-19. Clear communication is paramount in these times, and it helps all of us.

BluSky Restoration Contractors provides a wide range of environmental services including inspection and cleanup of biological contamination in commercial properties. This does include coronavirus.

BluSky is taking coronavirus very seriously and we are working with our clients to help reduce its spread and impact. We are pursuing two approaches according to our clients’ needs:

Proactive – this can be considered a maintenance application. There may be no evidence of contamination, but the client desires to proactively have their areas treated.

Reactive – this is the addressing of spaces that have been occupied by people confirmed to have the virus.

BluSky is providing building-specific scopes of work to clients who request our help. What this means is there is no “one size fits all” solution. Depending on a client’s specific need, the service we provide can range from a light wipe-down of surfaces to full containment and terminal decontamination. Each premises has its own unique characteristics which we will address in the scope we provide.

As is standard procedure with all environmental services BluSky provides, we disinfect structures and surfaces through multiple cleaning processes using the scope recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other authorities.

Rest assured BluSky is prepared and is there for our clients. Our environmental restoration specialists are fully trained and certified to provide consultation on the most effective cleanup approaches, as well as safely remove contaminants to make rooms or structures again safe to occupy.


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Candace Johnson

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