BluSky Supporting South Carolina Flooding Recovery

BluSky has dispatched its Large Loss Catastrophic Events Team to Columbia, SC to support the area’s flood restoration efforts.  Although Hurricane Joaquin didn’t come ashore it dumped record rainfall on South Carolina, leaving behind historic flooding and damage expected to be in the billions of dollars. Columbia was the epicenter of flood damage and the work to extract water and rebuild homes and businesses is just beginning.

The company has initially committed 20 personnel and ten trucks along with water extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidifiers numbering in the hundreds to facilitate recovery in the Columbia area.

“We’re assisting our property management clients in assessing water damage from roof leaks and rain-driven water,” said Steve Brown, BluSky’s National Director of Restoration and head of the team in Columbia. “One apartment property is 4-6 feet under water and the residents have lost practically everything they own. It’s likely to be multi-million dollar damage at that property alone.”

The company managing that property has rented an RV for use as a temporary office in the apartment parking lot. As will be the case with many South Carolina properties, they face a decision – whether to rebuild the existing structure or to tear down completely and start new construction. BluSky is assisting the company with cost analysis in addition to water removal, cleanup, and repairs.