How Salt Water Damage Affects Your Home

In the wake of hurricane season, many people have flood and water damage on their minds. Hurricanes and severe weather systems come with a special guest that makes water damage potentially more dangerous, expensive, and more difficult: salt. As these weather systems move from water to land they pick up salt water from the ocean, estuaries and inlets and drop this dangerous combination onto land, homes and businesses. This is especially true for the Tampa Bay area. This water contains salt in concentrations lower than those found in the ocean, but still high enough to cause problems.Hurricanes and storm surges deliver a salty or brackish water to those living as far as a quarter-mile inland as well as those next to water. Salt reacts with insulation on wires and the wiring itself, as well as with metals such as zinc, iron or steel, and concrete. In fact, just about all materials used to construct your home are vulnerable to damage from salt water.  Salt suspended in water is highly reactive because it carries an electrical charge. It can quickly penetrate a variety of materials and holds on tight once it gets there.

What Is The Difference Between Salt Water &  Fresh Water Damage?

When electrical components have been exposed to salt, the metal can corrode, which can lead to shorts and other problems. When a home has been flooded with salty water, the electrical systems need to be flushed with freshwater and then inspected to determine if any or all of the wiring needs to be replaced. That includes the wiring in the walls, the electrical box, and of course any appliances and electronic devices that may have been left in the home. The first thing a homeowner in a salt water flood zone should do is make sure the electricity is shut off. Then call (877) 251-2798. The experts at BluSky Tampa excel in cleaning up and restoring homes after a salt water disaster.

The cure for salt water damage is fresh water…and a lot of the stuff. However, doing this yourself is dangerous and highly non-recommended. Experienced disaster professionals should be sought in the Tampa area. Other items to be mindful of after a Tampa storm are:

  • Concrete building foundations
  • Carpet, paneling & furniture
  • Kitchen appliances
  • HVAC systems
  • Drywall, roofing and floors
  • Building foundation (soil) that can erode

When the water clean-up process is underway, items must be continually checked for salt. You should also consider mold remediation to prevent the mold from creeping in. Like other water damage, salt can also lead to molding in the long term if the damage is not handled quickly. After flooding, everything needs to be thoroughly dried out with heaters and fans to remove moisture that might be embedded in insulation, walls, and other structural components. Flood-damaged material shouldn’t be painted, plastered, or covered until it is totally dry. Remember to take action as soon as possible, as salt can wreak havoc in a matter of days.

Seek Professional Help For Salt Water Damage

When a water intrusion occurs in the Tampa area, contact BluSky’s certified Water Loss Specialists to work quickly and efficiently to restore your commercial or residential property to its pre-loss condition.


  • Uniformed, professional Certified Water Loss Specialists
  • Immediate response minimizes water damage to both structure and contents
  • Latest technology/equipment for thorough moisture detection
  • Evaluation and recommendation of best drying procedures
  • Professional monitoring and documentation, ensuring job satisfaction

Make the right choice after salt water damage occurs and call BluSky’s Tampa office at (877) 251-2798 or contact us online.

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Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager
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