Understanding How Industrial Restoration Services Work

There’s never an ideal time for disasters to strike. Unplanned disasters can wreak havoc on industrial facilities and stop production in its tracks. Although there are ways to minimize risks, some regions are unavoidably prone to fires, flooding, or storm damage, including Chicago. Whether you own a large retail facility or small factory, it’s essential to know which types of damage to look out for, what to expect, and whom you can contact when a catastrophe hits. Keep reading to learn how industrial restoration services in Chicago work.

3 Types Of Industrial Restoration Services You May Need

Much like how paramedics rush to the scene of a medical emergency, you can count on an industrial restoration provider to be there when your facility suffers damage from an unforeseen event, big or small. From flood damage repairs to fire restoration, here’s a breakdown of three disaster cleanup services provided by BluSky.

Industrial Water Restoration

Water damage can occur from numerous incidents, including flooding, pipe breaks, and sewer backups. If left untreated, its effects are often long-lasting and may ruin valuable assets, such as upholstery and carpet. No matter the cause, It’s crucial to treat industrial or commercial water damage promptly. Quickly contacting a qualified water emergency response team helps minimize your property damage and controls the extent of losses. Water damage restoration solutions can help restore your facility using the following techniques:

  • Debris removal
  • Extraction
  • Restorative drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Specialty drying techniques
  • Structural drying and deep cleaning
  • Rapid response mobilization

Industrial Fire Damage Restoration

Industrial fires can cause significant structural damage to a building. And if that’s not enough, the losses incurred can be substantial as well. Whether the actual fire causes damages or you need repairs due to smoke or soot, hiring a fire damage restoration service is key to getting your facility up and running again. The specialists at BluSky follow a detailed approach to restore salvaged materials and renew your building back to pre-loss condition. Using a variety of cleaning supplies and high-end equipment, you can expect our trained fire damage mitigation experts to complete several tasks, including:

  • Board-up services
  • Rapid response mobilization
  • Structural cleaning services
  • Smoke and odor deodorization
  • HVAC duct cleaning
  • Debris and demolition removal

Industrial Roof Restoration Solutions

Storm damage, ice, snow, and high winds are no stranger to Chicago residents. Unfortunately, these weather conditions can severely impair your facility’s roof overhead. Calling a building restoration service is key to getting your roof repaired correctly and safely.

To timely and effectively restore your building’s roof, the process typically gets split into three stages:

  1. Repair Estimates and Approvals: A project estimator views and inspects damages, takes photos, and writes down information. After getting compiled, a comprehensive estimate is prepared for you and your insurance company.
  2. Project Preparation: Following estimate approval, a BluSky specialist will set up a time for a walk-through of the property.
  3. Reconstruction Phase: At this point, your insurance carrier should reach out to you to provide budgets for your replacement supplies. As you begin reconstruction, your BluSky project manager will help you find product sources and provide details on project time frames and deadlines.

Chicago’s Trusted Choice for Restoration Services

At BluSky, it’s our goal to get local Chicago industries, commercial services, and residential homes up and running again after an unanticipated event. Our emergency restoration services can promptly stabilize your facility and minimize losses. Besides offering industrial and commercial building restoration services, we also provide mold remediation, commercial cleaning services, and much more.

As Chicago’s number one industrial and commercial restoration service provider, we have years of experience helping local business owners recover and extend the lifespan of their affected properties. From flooded small retail stores to mold-infested warehouses, we’ve seen it all! Contact us to request help at 303.789.4258 or fill out our contact form online.

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