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Matt Gute - Office Vice President

Ventura, California vice president, and Iowa native Matt Gute graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in business. Shortly after graduating from business school, Matt made the move to California where he accepted a career opportunity with BluSky as a project manager in Valencia, CA. Matt quickly proved his ability to lead and was asked to head BluSky’s Ventura office in 2019.

As a former collegiate athlete, Matt places great weight on individual accountability when functioning as part of a team. Matt’s deep-seated sense of personal accountability, humility, and patience, honed by his athletic training, made him an excellent fit from the start in BluSky’s corporate environment. Matt’s approach to business, as it is to any part of life, is to ask many questions, keep an open mind, and wisely use the resources provided. He is particularly satisfied when he is able to be resourceful and think strategically to help clients address many different types of problems and meet needs that vary from day today. His goal is to set an example for the team under his leadership that will serve BluSky’s clients in the greater Ventura area.

Matt has wholeheartedly adopted the California beach lifestyle by taking up surfing and yoga while making time for golf when the weather is good. He has a French bulldog named Kru who faithfully joins him on his adventures, including long walks on the beach.

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A storm, flood, or fire disaster does not work with you on your schedule. More often than not, it hits you when you least expect it. A fire in your home or business can destroy your livelihood, your home, and your quality of life. Mold can be detrimental to your health and can spread like wildfire through any commercial or residential building. Working with professionals in these trying times can make all the difference.


After calling your insurance agent, the next call should be to BluSky. The key to limiting fire and water damage is speed. Emergency services within the first 24 hours after a fire has been put out or a flood happens can stop the damage from spreading, stabilize your building structures, and result in a more efficient, affordable restoration process.

While a BluSky team is on its way, make sure the affected building is safe. Some structures can become unstable after a fire or water damage.


As a fully licensed, insured and bonded general contractor, BluSky is capable of handling any type of restoration project precipitated by natural or man-made disasters. We provide emergency response;  water damage,  storm damage, fire damage, and smoke damage  repair and restoration; and mold remediation.

BluSky’s Ventura office serves Ventura County and surrounding areas.

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