Raising The Bar: How Good Can We Be?

By Dan Flanagan, CSO

This question is what caused us at BluSky Restoration to answer a calling.  It was a calling to be more than “We Make It Better,” which was a very important tag line and motto for our firm and brand throughout our first thirteen years.

Beginning with the end in mind, our team had committed to becoming a “Great Customer Service Organization” for our customers and becoming a “World Class Organization” with whom our employees work.  These are not necessarily unique desires for any firm in any industry.  But after accomplishing so much over our first 13 years in business, and knowing that BluSky has positively impacted and changed the restoration industry regionally and nationally, we realized there was so much more we can and will do.

What are we striving for?

Our team began to realize that our next step involved “Raising the Bar.”   Regardless of your discipline – be it a great competitor of ours, a company in a completely different industry, or for each of us living our personal lives, we are called to raise the bar in all that we do, every day.  As we discussed what Raising the Bar meant, we defined what it is, AND what it is not…

Raising the Bar is not achieving perfection, but a constant pursuit of the actions that drive us toward that vision.  Raising the Bar does not have an ending; rather, it is a continuum on which we are called to move daily, weekly, and beyond.  This concept does not start and end outside of the office and in the field with just our customers. It engages every person in every department throughout our entire organization.

How am I living this?

First, truly raising the bar requires every individual to look inward and ask, “how am I living this in every aspect of my life?”  I believe it is almost impossible to live Raising the Bar corporately only, and not be mindful of also living it in every aspect of our personal lives.  That may sound like a bold and hypocritical view.  But I can assure you this concept has moved our team, and definitely me, to reflect deeply in all areas of our lives, and to personally challenge me…

It is exciting to think about establishing and applying similar “Standards,” “SOP’s,” and “Best Practices” that we have in our businesses, to our families and personal lives, too…  It is my belief that the more we personally apply theses, the more we will move on that Raising the Bar continuum in awesome waves.

We thank you, our customers, our partners and our competitors, for allowing our individuals and team do this with you…

How good can I be?  How good can we be?

Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager

Candace is a veteran marketer, who specializes in bringing out the best in companies. Responsibilities for BluSky include content creation and editing, brand management and consistency, website management, public relations writing, advertising, and social media management. Candace lives just south of Chicago with her husband Eric and three children.

Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager
Candace Johnson headshot