Should I Hire a Disaster Restoration Company?

Has a fire, water, storm, mold or smoke damage event occurred at your home or business? Because these events are rare and extremely stressful, most people don’t know what the next steps are to help restore your property and livelihood. The difference between a professional cleaning and doing it yourself can mean countless extra hours of work without expensive cleaning devices, the danger that mold and smoke can linger forever and the potential to miss problems hiding in plain sight by taking a DIY approach.

What Does A Disaster Restoration Company Do?

A licensed and certified restoration contractor has the knowledge and equipment that a basic homeowner cannot possess. Their trained eyes can spot larger problems before they begin, giving you an opportunity to prevent the worst of the damage. This is especially helpful when it comes to mold forming in moisture-filled areas after water damage and smoke damage after a fire.

Occasionally, water damage requires complex services such as structural drying and the removal of sewage or mold. Attempting to do these things on your own is risky for both the heath of your home and bodily health. Water damage restoration companies have a specific expertise & certifications in handling these situations, and you should let them do what they do best.


How Do I Know If I Need A Restoration Company?

If you’ve experienced an obvious disaster, such as a burst pipe or flooding, it is definitely time to bring in a restoration company and make the phone call. Other disasters are harder to judge. These instances can catch you off guard, and by the time you find them, a significant amount of damage can already have occurred.

  • Mold Concerns: Every quarter, you should inspect the dark, damp areas of your home such as your basement, closets or cabinets, for signs of mold or musty smells. Areas that have exposed plumbing, are at a higher risk for water damage. At the first sign of mold or a strange odor, you should contact a mold remediation specialist. Mold can spread as quickly as 1 day after the spores have formed, and every day you wait could mean thousands of dollars extra in repair costs.
  • Water In The Walls: Be on the lookout for signs of water damage. Swollen walls are a dead giveaway. Look for wall paint that is bubbling or cracking. This usually means that the wall has been slowly filling with water and attempting to drain itself. This means you need to act fast and call a restoration company.
  • Foundation Concerns: Your floor may show normal signs of wear and tear, but it can also let you know of a potential for water damage. If laminate or wood floors start to buckle, floor tiles become loose, or linoleum starts to peel, you should always check for moisture in your subflooring. Don’t wait until flooding occurs before calling in the professionals.

What Disaster Restoration Company Should I Choose & Why?

Quality work is important when it comes to home or business water, fire, smoke and mold restoration. Quality work isn’t the cheapest solution up front but may yield huge cost savings over time. You should always choose certified specialists who have undergone extensive training to spot hard-to-find disaster issues and get your home back to normal as efficiently as possible. At BluSky we give you an idea of what to expect; efficiency, appearance (look for our uniform), integrity and customer satisfaction.

Going with a disaster restoration company with experience is important. BluSky has been in business for over 38 years. Established in 1977 with a few employees to now with a staff over 100 employees from Virginia to Florida, BluSky has over 14 certifications and has award-winning service to back up our name.

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Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager
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