BluSky Announces New Funding Partnership with Dominus Capital

BluSky CEO Kent Stemper announced today that Dominus Capital and affiliates have completed their investment in BluSky Restoration Contractors. BluSky management will be reinvesting alongside Dominus in the transaction to continue to participate in the ongoing growth of BluSky.

Kent Stemper
Kent Stemper, BluSky CEO

“We are extremely grateful to our customers nationwide who are responsible for BluSky’s 14 consecutive years of sustained organic growth,” says Kent Stemper, CEO of BluSky.

“Over the past few months, our executive leadership team interviewed several private equity firms, and, in the end, the team chose exactly the right partner for BluSky, Dominus Capital,” Stemper added. “For us, our culture is paramount. Dominus clearly understood this. Their expertise provides a solid foundation for BluSky’s planned growth in the restoration construction industry.”

Ashish Rughwani, Partner at Dominus, added, “We are looking forward to partnering with Kent and the entire management team at BluSky. We are eager to apply our network and knowledge of the restoration and environmental remediation space to support the company’s strong organic growth potential and pursue add-on acquisitions in adjacent geographies and complementary service offerings.”

Stemper continues as CEO of the firm and BluSky’s current executive leadership team remains in place to manage the company’s day-to-day operations.

Read the full news release here.

Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager

Candace is a veteran marketer, who specializes in bringing out the best in companies. Responsibilities for BluSky include content creation and editing, brand management and consistency, website management, public relations writing, advertising, and social media management. Candace lives just south of Chicago with her husband Eric and three children.

Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager
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