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What happens when a national restoration company’s commercial clients continually need help with repairing or replacing a roof? For BluSky Restoration Contractors, the answer was clear: build a commercial roofing team filled with industry experts, and bring the work in-house.

BluSky launched its Commercial Roofing division in January 2017 and methodically began establishing a solid record of successful, large roofing projects. Among the most monumental is the Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge, CO, whose roof sustained such extreme hail damage that hospital officials feared no single company could handle the repairs.

BluSky stepped in and completed the project involving 80 different roof decks, all the while allowing the hospital to keep its doors open to the community. (See the video story here.)

Why did BluSky start a commercial roofing division?

As a highly respected contractor in the insurance world, BluSky received many opportunities to provide commercial roofing services to our partners. In our attempts to meet these demands, we initially enlisted the services of local contractors. This approach proved to be unreliable, as the contractors were either extremely expensive or unable to do everything we required. So, our leadership team made the decision to add this service to our portfolio for our clients.

Why should someone choose BluSky instead of a roofing company? Or to put it bluntly, how can clients be sure BluSky knows what they’re doing?

Although it’s new to BluSky’s line of services, we put this team together with seasoned industry experts. Our team currently has over 200 years of combined experience. This covers every aspect of the business from multi-family, to hospitals, industrial, pharmaceutical, and food processing. With the vast amounts of actual experience involving so many types of roofing, it’s a perfect fit with the opportunities we’re being given.

Can you give some examples of commercial roofing challenges you’ve overcome for BluSky clients?

The biggest way our clients benefit has been pricing.  Most of our opportunities have included pricing based on software used by insurance claims adjusters, and frankly not on actual “real world” pricing.  What we do instead is inspect and design our roofing projects based only on the particular project at hand.  We approach these projects just like we would any other capital expense project, which enables us to provide more favorable pricing to the client.

Another area of benefit has been our expertise on complex jobs. Because of our experiences, we’re able to look at any project and not only design a solution that is efficient, but we also perform the job safely. We are constantly looking at how to better perform our jobs, but safety is an area where we will never try to come up with a shortcut.

What are some pitfalls that companies should know about and avoid when planning roof repair or replacement?

All roofs are designed to work! Some last longer than others, but ALL are designed to perform to a minimum standard. The contractor is the key to a successful project. BluSky is certified with eight different roofing system and materials manufacturers, which allows us to design a specific solution based on our clients’ individual needs. When roofing companies only have one or two options it limits what they can offer, which could mean they cannot offer the best solution to a specific issue.

What else should we know about BluSky’s Commercial Roofing division?

We have the best team in the industry! We’re surrounded by industry experts in the office as well as in the field. Not many issues we come across are new, or something one of our team hasn’t handled in the past. Multiple team members review and discuss every project. This allows us to design the best possible solution.

Our goal is to become a Top 10 Roofing Contractor within 5 years. Although it may seem a lofty goal, we are on track to do it. How? Again, it’s our people and their professional relationships that give us the advantage. Already proven in restoration and environmental projects, it’s been a logical transition for BluSky to add commercial roofing to our services.

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Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager
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