Fast response to hotel water damage minimizes lost revenue

Every room in the hotel was either occupied or reserved when a 4th floor sprinkler head suddenly burst one Sunday afternoon in Smyrna, GA, an Atlanta suburb.

Hotel water damage
Standing water in 4 main hallways forced the relocation of many guests
Hotel water extraction
BluSky crews extracted water from rooms and offices on 4 floors
Hotel water extraction and wall repair
Crews peeled wallpaper from wet drywall to prevent further damage while drying

The cascade of water caused damage in 23 guest rooms extending down to the main level, the hotel’s fitness center and CPU room, 4 main hallways, 3 offices, and an employee area.

The hotel faced the prospect of significant lost revenue as they relocated guests to other rooms and to other area hotels.

BluSky arrived onsite within an hour to begin extracting water from all affected areas. Once the water removal was completed, crews moved immediately into the drying process. Their objective at that point was to quickly ready as many rooms for occupancy as possible without demolition.

While demolition wasn’t needed in some rooms, the extent of water damage made it necessary for others. But even in areas with greater damage, the goal was to perform minimal demolition and preserve as much as possible. On the 4th floor BluSky crews carefully removed drywall only at base height and peeled wallpaper from drywall in order to remove wet insulation and completely dry all materials.

However, the lower levels sustained greater damage with ceilings, insulated walls, and floors all saturated by the cascading water. Crews removed damaged drywall from inside each room to avoid interior hallway demolition, thereby completing the drying and repairs with minimal disruption.

Hotel guest safety and comfort was a top priority throughout the process.

BluSky crews secured all work areas to avoid trip hazards from power cables and wet surfaces, and cleaned the job site daily to ensure guests were as comfortable as possible while work was in progress.

Despite extensive damage to a large area of the property, the team completed all demolition necessary to properly dry the structure in less than four days, and then completed final drying less than two days later. This rapid response ensured the damage was minimized and that all repairs could move just as quickly.

A burst sprinkler head can clearly cause extensive water damage. While we hope this never happens to you, rest assured that BluSky is ready to provide expert water damage repair if it does.

You can call us any time day or night at 800-277-4787 – we bring order and assurance to chaotic situations.

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Candace Johnson

Corporate Marketing Manager
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