When should I call a restoration service provider?

When Should I Call a Restoration Contractor?

Our property and facilities management clients often ask us when they should call a restoration service provider after they discover water, fire or mold damage to their property.  The answer depends on the scale of the event, capabilities of their staff, and the equipment at their disposal.

Not every situation requires an emergency restoration firm.  Many of our clients have access to internal maintenance departments and janitorial companies that work with them on a daily basis.  However, there are situations which require the expertise of a professional restoration service provider such as BluSky.

Situations in which a restoration service provider should be involved:

  • Technical expertise is needed
  • The health and safety of building occupants is at risk
  • Water or contaminants have traveled through walls or between floors causing several areas of the property to be isolated or shut down
  • There is exposure to hazardous materials such as biological contaminants, lead, or asbestos
  • The structural integrity is compromised

Another important reason to call BluSky Restoration is business interruption.  What could you lose if you can’t restore your property quickly?  Are your residents unable to return to their homes?  Is there a risk of losing residents to another community?  Is the property unsafe for building occupants? Can employees or tenants return to work?  Is there loss of productivity, loss of rents, loss of income, loss of market share?   If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, BluSky should be involved.

How does BluSky respond?

When you place a call for emergency services, you’re connected to a live BluSky On-Call manager.  We will gather key information so our response will be  appropriate for the type of loss you’ve experienced.  Within a few minutes you will receive a return call from a BluSky Project Director who will provide an ETA to assess the damage.  They will also give an ETA for initial response and resources to begin mitigating damages.  During this time your project director will work closely with you and insurance representatives to get critical operations back up and running.

Our restoration team has a very intentional and systematic approach to our response in emergency situations.  It’s better to be prepared and ready when beginning a job than to rush in without a plan and execute poorly.  When it’s time to respond to your needs, we come prepared. We achieve this by understanding your needs prior to the loss, accurate scope development, and open communication.

Our ability to provide quick response nationwide usually involves our national resources and partners.  Our vast network of dedicated national resources, along with our local vendors and trade partners across the country, enables us to respond quickly. The loss conditions often require specialized tools and equipment for extraction or mitigation. In these situations, we rely on our trusted partners to provide a quick response and a quality product.

Mobilizing with a sense of urgency

A quick response saves everybody time and money, and protects the health and safety of building occupants.  With that said, we shouldn’t assume being the first one there means being the first one to complete the project.  There is a major difference in mobilizing with a sense of urgency versus an emotionally-charged panic of rushing to a job.

Whether it’s common events such as a burst water line or fire, or an area-wide catastrophe like flooding, tornado or hurricanes, BluSky is ready to respond to our clients’ needs.  If an area-wide disaster occurs, critical resources may become scarce and unavailable.  That’s why pre-loss planning is key for your recovery.  It’s more important to be prepared and ready when you start a loss, than to rush in with a poor planning, preparation, and execution.  As the saying goes, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  If you need a gun, bring it the first time.

If you experience water, fire, or mold damage, don’t hesitate to call BluSky Restoration at 800.266.5677. No matter what the scale of your loss, we’ll make it better.


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