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we have continuing education credits covered

At BluSky, we’re pleased to offer continuing education courses for property managers, insurance adjusters, and insurance agents and brokers. These two-to-three hour classes are taught by our trained professionals and industry experts.

Blu University courses are open to the public and free of charge.

For a complete schedule of classes, download a copy of the BluSky CE Course Schedule, or please call 303.789.4258, or e-mail .

Click here for a copy of the BluSky University CE Course Schedule.

Below is a list of our most popular courses.

fire restoration

Highlights of BluSky’s fire restoration course include:
•most common types of fires
•regulations and issues prior to start of cleaning procedures
•preliminary assessments of contents and damaged structure
•principles of cleaning and specialty cleaning
•media blasting, Cryo blasting, and pressurized/heated water
•demonstration of equipment, cleaning materials, and restored contents
•question and answer period

large loss reconstruction

Highlights of BluSky’s large loss reconstruction course include:
•explanation of loss reconstruction process (from contractor and structural engineer perspectives)
•structural safety
•city codes and requirements
•typical construction challenges
•engineering report preparation
•complexity of multiple insurance considerations
Personnel at all levels in the insurance industry will find this course valuable.

commercial and residential water mitigation and drying

Highlights of BluSky’s water mitigation and drying course include:
•time versus damage
•absorption rates for different materials
•what causes permanent damage
•water mitigation protocol
•peripheral considerations
•material dry standards
•assessing loss
•desiccant and refrigerant humidifiers
•vacuum packs
•heat drying
•moisture measuring equipment
•insurance considerations (including business interruption and additional living expenses)
This course will also touch upon asbestos, mold, and lead paint regulations.

roof assessment and damage identification

Highlights of BluSky’s roof damage course include:
•roof-related damages and materials
•how to identify damage to steep-slope roofs
•repair techniques
•roofing materials
•building codes
•building department contacts
•interactive demonstration showing how human damage and weather damage affect various roof materials
Personnel at all levels in the insurance industry will find this course valuable.

environmental issues in property restoration

This course focuses on several environmental components factoring in to the way restoration projects are bid and produced. The components addressed in this class are asbestos, mold, methamphetamine contamination and lead paint. Each topic will consist of approximately 45 minutes and covers the history and uses of the material, subsequent health concerns with exposure, regulations and enforcement agencies responsible for contractor compliance and insurance coverage and policies. With a brief 5- to 10- minute open forum at the conclusion of each topic, attendees will have an opportunity to ask specific questions and discuss personal experiences with the instructor and classmates.
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